How to Appreciate Your Ops Partners

Hey, hey, what is up, everybody? Tim Davis over here, Originators Guide podcast. Want to talk to you today about being grateful and the art of appreciation. The last couple of weeks in our industry has seen some of the most unprecedented times ever with these low interest rates and followed by dramatic increases seemingly within hours, but yet through that you were able to serve so many clients through their purchase, through their refinance, and all those people are in process right now. And it is so critically important that you, as the loan originator, truly show appreciation to your operations partners, that your underwriters, your processors, your loan officer assistants, they are grinding it out to clean up those files, get them submitted, push them through the pipeline, and get them to the closing. They deserve a heartfelt thank you and certainly appreciation. I want to give you some tips on how to appreciate people.

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It goes beyond words. Words are so important to appreciate your team that’s helping you out. But think about this for a second. After working 12, 14-hour days, what your operations people want to do is go spend time with their family, not time at the grocery store. They want to spend time resting, not pushing a vacuum cleaner. What can you do to make their life better through this time? Could you hire a house cleaner to come in and clean their house? Could you have groceries delivered to their home for them? These are real tangible ways that you can show appreciation to them for the work that they’re putting in today. So I want you to think about that and think about how you can tangibly show those appreciation moments to your operations partners. Get their lawn mowed. If it’s that time in your area, maybe have their landscaping done for them. Get the groceries brought in for them, have their dry cleaning done, have their car washed, have their house cleaned, all that type of stuff. Help them in the practical ways along with the words of appreciation.

It goes so far with people when you truly appreciate them and you understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes. They’re grinding it out to help you be more successful for all the deals that you’re bringing in. Let’s show them appreciation in very tangible ways as we head into this weekend. Think about what you can do. Take some of the ideas, put them into practice.

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Tim Davis
Tim Davis

Tim is the National Director of Coaching for Movement Mortgage and the founder of Agent Marketing Academy™, Personal Branding Mastery™ The Agent Marketing Playbook™ and The Agent Marketing Playbook™

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